Awful Fantasy: The Card Game Rules

The Game
Awful Fantasy: The Card Game is a game for 2 - 6 players in which players take on the role of an author trying to put together their own Awful Fantasy story. A story consists of a total of 3 Fantasy cards, including 1 of each type: Protagonist, Antagonist, and Plot. Players must use Awful cards and their author abilities to collect the appropriate Fantasy cards to complete their story and win the game!

In Awful Fantasy: The Card Game, players must complete their stories before anyone else. To have a complete story, a player must have 1 Protagonist Fantasy card, 1 Antagonist Fantasy card, and 1 Plot Fantasy card in her hand. If a player has a complete story at the start of her turn, she reveals her story—optionally giving a synopsis of her Awful story— and wins the game.

Before playing a game of Awful Fantasy: The Card Game, players should follow these steps, in order:

    Randomly determine the first player (“Who read the most Awful story most recently?”)
    1. Starting with the first player and going clockwise around the table, each player chooses 1 author, takes that author’s card, and places it on the table in front of her.
    2. Shuffle together all the Awful cards and place the deck facedown in the center of the table.
    3. Shuffle together all the Fantasy cards and place the deck facedown in the center of the table.
    4. Starting with the first player, each player draws 3 awful cards from the deck as her starting hand.

How to Play

Awful Fantasy: The Card Game is played over a series of player turns. At the start of the game, the first player takes the first turn. On a player’s turn she follows these steps, in order:

    1. If you have a complete story in your hand, reveal it to win the game.
    2. You may choose to play 1 Awful card from your hand. If you cannot or choose not to play a card, move on to the next step.
    3. Draw 1 Awful card from the deck.

After a player completes her turn, the player to her left takes a turn. This continues until a winner is determined.

Awful Cards


Players use Awful cards to either draw Fantasy cards or hinder opposing players. Each Awful card’s text describes how it may be used. After an Awful card is played and fully resolved, it is placed in the Awful card discard pile next to the Awful card deck.

Fantasy Cards


The Fantasy deck contains the story elements that players need to win the game: Plots, Protagonists, and Antagonists. Aside from serving as the game’s victory condition, these cards have no inherent function within the game.

This deck also contains a number of event cards that serve as “decoys,” in a player’s hand. These events are resolved similarly to Awful cards.

Discarded Fantasy cards are placed in the Fantasy card discard pile next to the Fantasy card deck.

If there are no cards in either the Awful deck or the Fantasy deck, shuffle all cards in the empty deck’s discard pile and place them facedown to make a new deck. If you had to make a new deck this way, each player may immediately draw 1 Fantasy card.

Drawing Cards


Several abilities in the game refer to drawing cards. Drawing a card is defined as taking the top card from the specified deck and putting it into your hand. Other ways of obtaining cards, such as choosing a specific card from a discard pile or taking two cards from a deck and keeping one, are not considered to be drawing a card and would not trigger these abilities.

Interrupt Cards


Cards that contain the “Interrupt” word in bold can be played outside of the normal turn sequence. These cards are referred to as interrupt cards. Interrupt cards are played in response to cards played by other players.

Timing Conflicts: Only 1 interrupt card may be played in response to a single game effect. The player immediately to the left of the current player has the first option to play an interrupt card, followed by the next player in turn order, and so on.

Author Abilities


Each player starts the game with an author card, which introduces author abilities. These effects and their timings are described in detail on the associated author cards.
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